Water Damage Photo Gallery

Water damage to concrete floor commercial business

Water Damage in West Hazleton

SERVPRO of Hazleton, Dallas and Harvey's Lake can help after water damage. Call us 24/7!

moisture meter on white wall

Water Damage in Hazleton

Scientific drying principles rely upon specialized equipment to detect, measure, and monitor a property’s moisture levels. Sensitive moisture detectors, hygrometers, and other meters measure the extent of moisture saturation. This type of equipment helps us detect how much moisture is behind a wall, ceiling, or floor.

water on concrete basement floor

Water Damage to Basement in Hazleton

Following a water damage event at your Hazleton home or business, we can help extract the water and dry out the structure. 

Wrapped Wood

Evaporating water produces moisture in the atmosphere. When dehumidification is not used, wood like this ceiling fan can wrap. Water damage should always be addressed by a professional restoration company for this reason.

Broken Water Pipe

Notice the crack in this water pipe. A crack that small can cause lots of damage like it did at this commercial property in Hazleton. Regular inspection of the sprinkler system can help identify weak areas.

Floating Couch in a Flooded Basement

This basement of this commercial property in Hazleton flooded after the sprinkler system froze and burst. The property was idle and the owner failed to maintain heat causing tremendous damage throughout the building. No job is too big for us.

Extracting Wet Carpeting

The fridet weather has caused havoc throughout Luzerne County keeping our water certified restoration technicians busy. Pictured is Gerrick using the extractor to remove excess water from the carpeting as the initial step in the mitigation process. By responding quickly we were able to save the carpeting thus saving the business owner loss of business interruption and the insurance company money. Repair instead of replacing is a win/win.

Frozen Sprinkler Line

Now this is a frozen pipe! This picture was recently taken from a large scale pipe break in Hazleton. This was the sprinkler line that did not burst yet. As dramatic as this looks, its what happens in your home as well and the reason the de-thawing should occur gradually.

Burst Water Pipe

Pictured above is a burst water pipe from a building in Dallas, Pa. Frigid temperatures can lead to frozen and burst water pipes. Be proactive and ensure that steps are taken to lessen the chances of these disasters from happening.